Super Spider Strange War Hero

Super Spider Strange War Hero

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Super Spider Strange War rescue Hero gives you the amazing opportunity to be a real spider & a fantasy hero at the same time. It’s an apocalypse survival game where you have to use your fly strongest hero powers to rescue your civilian from the fearless gangster fighters. You’ll have to fly over a battleground where unknown hunter of spider robotic battle is taking place. Use your strongest reward hero strange power to perform your duty of best superhero game. Super Spider Strange Hero has a vast world war II environment with survival strategy game. Apocalypse survival game has plenty of challenging real spider missions & amazing realistic sound effects.
With the help of knight hero fantasy, powers escape from the city in the war worlds II zone. Rescue the unknown army rangers for survival as fearless reward hero fighter. This is why military army chooses you for last survival battle to rescuing the civilian in superhero online game. Your flying mutant strange powers have always helped you to save your city from knight hunter. Call of battleground making you the strongest hero legend so everyone looks up to you. Now is the time to help battleground army to save your country from sniper enemy to be a true war superhero of world war II. Sniper enemy terrorist battle have planned the free world war with modern survive. Militant army expects you to use all your flying mutant & super blast hero powers to avoid the sniper gangster shooting. In order to rescue the injured last standing civilian in time in survival strategy game. All the army look up to you for freedom of war & also believe in your incredible survivor superhero powers so don’t let them down. Fly with all your incredible hero power, dodge the car with gun shooting & rescue the injured fierce battle army shooter at all costs.
To rescue the injured soldier commando rangers from crossfire shooters in superhero online game. Modern weapons of strike & sniper enemy might give them an edge over. But your fly mutant spider & incredible hero powers are far superior then any modern weapon or the supergun enemy has. Answer the call of the injured & search and rescue them! They call to you because they believe in your superhero monster powers & they know you will do anything to perform your duty of battleground. They look up to you as their superhero. Only you can help the military army save your country & city so help them wholeheartedly to win this war against the enemy terrorist forces & with the help of your spider hero mutant strange real superhero power rescue every injured from the epic battle frontline simulator.
Features of Super Spider Strange War Hero:
- Be a true war super spider hero by performing your rescue duty
- Action filled rescue missions
- Addictive gameplay
- Immersive 3d war environment
- Real life sound effects


What's New

- Fix All bugs
- New & Improved Game Play
- UI & UX Changes
- Invisible Wall issue resolved
- Few New Missions

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