Subway Surf - Running Game 2018

Subway Surf - Running Game 2018

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Subway Surf 2018 Running Game
Bus & Subway Multiplayer Runner combines endless running and multiplayer running modes. You run switching between Bus roads and Subway tracks laid through highways, train tracks, Egyptian dunes and many other fun realms.
Dash forward, run fast and use all kinds of boosts and power ups, such as sneakers to jump high, hoverboards to glide and surf, hoverboards protect you from crashing, tap the hoverbike button at any time to use the hoverbike.
This running game is really fun, and it can be the best travel companion during your travel, on a plane or a train, or if you are riding in a car or waiting in a line, whereever and whenever you wisj to have a great time killer buddy at your fingertips, just try playing the game and you won't have the time to get bored.
Dash forward! Bus & Subway Multiplayer Runner is super fun, mega crazy and becomes a super-fast running game, the longer you don't crash. Game lets you share your score and achievements of Facebook. So, run fast, run long, and score as high as you can, compete with your friends and others and beat their high score!
Don't miss out on the BONUS round where if you achieve the treasure chest on top of the pyramid you will receive a lavish reward.
Complete daily missions and collect as many coins, as you can, also collect other collectibles and prizes to get your daily rewards and don't forget to use power ups, such as hoverboards, sneakers, energy drinks, hydration backpack, lucky hat and many more great items. Unlock new characters, and see how far you can run! Run though portals, jump on trampolines and FLY with balloons which will take you to new worlds every time. Start now, run and surf your boards. Join with your Facebook, compete with your friends and try to score.
Download now and let the game begin!
Subway game is a endless run concept, in the area of subway. İn the begining of the subway endless run you have one character and start running in the subway area. There are a lot of obstacle your way in the endless subway run, barriers and subway trains are popular obstacles. Jump, slide and swipe to turn is our weapons to avoid hitting these obstacles. İn this concept, Super Subway Surf 2018, our main aim is run as soon as we can, and collect coins to improve character in the way. We also run away from security guard and hitting obstacles.
After gain a coin we can buy power ups and we can increase our abilities in this wonderful surfing run game, thanks to these abilities we can gain more coins and we can go more further. Subway surfing run game is the most enjoyable and more easear runnig game. Also we can unlock new characters and surf board thanks to gain coins. We can give colour our games thanks to these character and board. İ tink that you love these changes in 2018 Subway Surfing Run.
And also these character and surf board can be taken by completing tasks. There are some task during the game and if you can do this tasks you can take them.
And last one detail i wanna expalin these magnificent subway surf game, there are some useful items for difficult situations. İf you can use correct time you can save charakter. These items is that : rockets to fly, skateboard to take extra life, jumping boots for jumping bigger and others…
This enjoyable subway surf game is easy to play, just run and avoid from the obstacle. For do this jump, slide and swipe, away from the inspector ;)
And also easy to have this game, enter the store and write these words : Subway, Enless Run, Runnig Game, Crayz Run, Run like hell, subway surface, jumping games, subway and download the game. There are also new features to take: New subway scene, wonderful under ground city and forest obtions.
Good luck and have fun every body with most beatiful subway surfing runner.


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